An Evening of Black Erotic Art, Poetry and Film

Summer 2010 > Our biggest and best show ever!


24 artists... 58 pieces of art... art and sensuality beautifully combined... hot poetry... nude model body-painted live... good vibes... a sennnnsual film...  largest attendance ever... at 3am closing time, folx did not want to leave!!

That describes our last >>>Midnight Erotica show, held Sat.28.Aug.2010 near Atlanta.

Here is the video from the show...

Yemi Toure's Midnight Erotica from Ed Silvera Media on Vimeo.

Here are some of the unsolicited comments we got after the show... 

MF: "Delicious" … FC: "It was a great show" … DH: "Absolutely fabulous artwork!" … LJG: "Very original" … JJ: "I luv it!" … JG: "Well done!" … MM: "How powerful and encouraging to see images that look like me!!!" … DDC-W: "VERY beautiful. Keep me posted on the next!"

Like these images? Click here to see even more pictures from the last show...

Our next show-- our fifth!-- is in the works. Look for us in 2011!

 At our next show, we will have
>>> all new art
>>> all new poetry
>>> live body painting
>>> new suprises
>>> giveaways

You can be in our next show

>>> your poetry
>>> your art
>>> you can get a henna tattoo-- last longer than a one-night stand, shorter than a commitment
>>> you can take a sensual picture of yourself in the mirror, and be in the show!! Call us now for details

>>>Midnight Erotica is produced by mr.youngblood
It is co-produced by plain brown productions, che' johnson and vincent christie

Holla! 404.432.2194.

check back here for updates on the next show...
or send your email to and we will keep you up!


Jr said...

I would love to be part of your show

Reggie said...

Very nice!!!