Past Show 2009 >>>Midnight Erotica, a Black Erotic Art Show/ Atlanta/ Valentine's Day 2009/ Oh What a Night!

sexy art ... beautiful peoples ... erotic poetry ... hot hot films ... good vibes ... food and wine ...
>>>Midnight Erotica 2009 was live! while we work on our next one, here are scenes from the show ...

[left] A vendor right at the entrance sets the Valentine mood.
[right] Guest Nazaaha likes the food and the vibe.

Spoken word co-host Franz-Che shows how to eat the free chocolate-covered strawberries.
Sexy stiletto designer Rita B came from Florida for the show, and hooks up with poet Cali Starks. Is he looking at the paper or something else?

Writer Nadirah Sabir blesses the mic for the first time in her life. Her poem had folx fanning! Whew!
Agenisz Samadhi came out of those red heels and got down.

[top] Wiatta Freeman of WRFG radio and Turner Broadcasting. Those are not her work clothes.
[above] Nadirah Sabir lets loose.

Franz-Che points the way to a good time.
Mr. Knox, on security, made sure everyone was safe and secure.

Can't thank yall enough for helping out! [from left] Theresa Charles of Sankofa Spirit; attorney Tomi Wilson; Sister Ama of Afro Books in West End Mall. Tomi, you went above and beyond. Thanks!

Guest Shaaira in the love mood. Sister Ghaffarah helps with the art.

Artist Ari Meier showed his paintings.
We had hot, hearty food for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Told you the food was good! Guest Taahira partakes.
Artist Adair Robinson chats with artist Will Verdeja.

Sister Ama made sure all guests were served good and hot.
Cheryle Reynolds, director of Urban Media Makers Film Festival, gets her lean on with Mr. Youngblood, producer of >>>Midnight Erotica. What's that pinned to his shirt? Dollar bills? Yes, Valentine's Day is his birthday!

Poet Cali Starks has CDs for sale. Videographer Jelani Johnson hugs up with his boo, model and poet Xian [she's in stilettos]. She read a new piece, and by the end of it, her black top was ... not on her body.

Poet Agenisz Samadhi chills, surrounded by art.

[above and left] Many couples spent quality time together.
[right] Filmmaker Barbara McCullough of Los Angeles flew in for the show, and warms up to her new friend, Plain Brown. He co-produced >>>Midnight Erotica.

Poet Tommy Bottoms is on top of it - he texts his friends to come to the show.

Will Verdeja shows his nudes. Keith Wilson showed his colorful body sculptures.

On the 1s and 2s was DJ Cozy Shawn of club MJQ. He gets a love pat from Cheryle Reynolds.
Moji Sonoiki, director of Women of Color Film Festival, likes the spoken word.

Cool cool filmmaker Ed Silvera screened his hot hot film, "Blackberries".
Poet Ed Hall has a shoulder to lean on for friend Cinque Hicks.

>>> don't miss the next show! anyone who emails us at and says "Hot!" gets free admission to the next show!
>>> a special DVD of the whole evening, including all the poets above and more, is ready! 404.432.2194

>>> and below is the show's announcement>>>

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